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Popularity BrilliantPad 'No No ' Chew Deterrent Milwaukee Mall Bi Safe Puppy Spray Dog

BrilliantPad 'No No!' Chew Deterrent Spray | Dog Puppy Safe Bi


BrilliantPad 'No No!' Chew Deterrent Spray | Dog Puppy Safe Bi


Product Description

BrilliantPad provides everything you need to make the transition from pads or grass to the BrilliantPad Smart system easy, quick and clean for both you and your pup. While designed to complement the BrilliantPad system, we've built a full line of accessories that can aid in any training or behavior modification scenario:

dog puppy potty training accessories aids stain removal remover area designator aog puppy potty training aid accessories chew deterrent spray bite biting chewing bitter tasting potty training aid dog puppy accessories pet odor stain remover spray dog puppy potty training aid accessories natural urine enzyme pet odor absorber absorbent fur deodorizer dog puppy pee pads potty training accessories aids
New Puppy Training Kit 'Go Here!' Dog Dog Attractant Spray 'No No!' Chew Deterrent Spray TidyShot Pet Odor amp; Stain Remover Fur-RESH Pet Odor Absorber amp; Fur Deodorizer Adult Dog and Puppy Potty Training Pee Pads
Everything You Need For Your Dog to: Transition from Traditional Puppy Pads or Train a New Puppy to the BrilliantPad System Designate Potty Areas and Reinforce Positive Behavior Deter Unwanted Chewing or Biting with No Harm or Pain Remove Pet Odors and Stains Naturally with Natural Enzymes Remove Pet Odors from Fur and Furniture Help Train Your Puppy or Adult Dog to Use BrilliantPad (Sold Separately)
potty training my puppypotty training my puppy

Training Your Pup

It is no harder to train a puppy to use BrilliantPad than training for a regular pads, and transitioning adult dogs from using regular pads to using BrilliantPad is straightforward: put your old pad on BrilliantPad and gradually make it smaller. Animal behaviorists assure that most small dogs -- even nervous and easily frightened dogs -- can be trained to use BrilliantPad, too. Some dogs just may take longer than others. The key to successful dog training is to be patient and to reinforce positive behavior. Punishment is counter-productive, so instead, shower your dog with praise and affection. Think of the training effort to use BrilliantPad as a small investment that will let you and your dog enjoy a healthier, cleaner home. BrilliantPad includes everything you need for successful training and transitions:

personalized puppy training planspersonalized puppy training plans

Personalized Plans

There are general three steps to training your dog to use BrilliantPad. The specific steps vary according to the age and potty habits of your dog. BrilliantPad provides personalised training plans that are tailored for your pooch.

live puppy potty training classeslive puppy potty training classes

Live Classes

We offer free online classes that teach our three-step training method to help your best friend get comfortable using BrilliantPad fast. Our free classes will equip you with tips, tricks and the best training practices recommended by veterinarians and animal behaviorists so you can spend less time cleaning and more time loving.

free dog puppy potty training consultationfree dog puppy potty training consultation

Free Consultations

We recognize that all dogs learn at a different pace, and you may have additional questions. BrilliantPad provides free training and support through our website, via email and telephone.

potty training my puppypotty training my puppy

personalized puppy training planspersonalized puppy training plans

Personalized Plans

live puppy potty training classeslive puppy potty training classes

Live Classes

free dog puppy potty training consultationfree dog puppy potty training consultation

Free Consultation

BrilliantPad is an advanced, self-cleaning dog potty for puppies and small dogs under 25 pounds.


The BrilliantPad system is a superior alternative to typical training pads which are often messy and smelly. BrilliantPad cleans itself and provides a comfortable place for your dog to go potty anytime. BrilliantPad provides freedom and flexibility when the unexpected arises and you are stuck in traffic or a meeting or social engagement runs long. BrilliantPad is ready when the weather is bad or the urge strikes in the middle of the night. Dogs that use BrilliantPad no longer have to be anxious waiting or searching for a place to go.

BrilliantPad rolls are strong enough to handle both #1 and #2. After your dog goes potty, waste is automatically rolled up and sealed between layers of absorbent and waterproof materials that hold in odor and moisture. BrilliantPad is hands-free for days or weeks at a time. When it’s time discard a used pad roll, BrilliantPad makes it easy. The yucky bits remain sealed inside while the outside stays clean and dry, and you never have to come in contact with anything messy.

Quick! Simple! Clean!

BrilliantPad 'No No!' Chew Deterrent Spray | Dog Puppy Safe Bi

Cross the bridge between languages!
Fast turnarounds, on-demand services &
expert translators within your budget.

Order Translation Contact Sales

Quality translations,
exactly as you need them

We offer fast turnarounds & the highest-quality translations in over 120 languages. We layer quality assurance (QA) procedures throughout our work and we offer first-rate services across our translation company by working to ISO 17100 standards. From proofreading to QA procedures, we use the latest QA tools to make sure our work is of the highest quality, for small and large projects alike. We’re here to help whichever language services you choose.

Django (2-Disc Limited Edition) by Blue Underground

Our skilled translators are native speakers of over 120 languages. They’re also experts in 40+ industries, including yours. We work to ISO 17100 standards, meaning you can trust our high-quality work.


Our interpreting services are flexible, meaning you can break communication barriers wherever you are. Torjoman’s interpreters are adept at navigating complex conversations in almost any sector and in over 120 languages.


We select the best professional voice-over artists to transform your project for an international audience. They perform in their native languages, adding their fluency and talent to your project.

Localization Services

Sometimes, small changes can have a big impact. Our talented localizers understand how to make your content feel like it was made with your international audience in mind.

Proofreading Services

Let your readers focus on what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it. Torjoman’s specialist proofreading services shape texts so that they are clear, concise and accurate.


You need to know your published materials will have the right impact, in any country. We’re experts in all major software packages, creating stunning visuals and flowing texts.


Subtitling is a fantastic way of engaging new viewers and extending your video’s reach. We can translate and localize your videos by making sure the subtitles are engaging for your new audience.


The way we speak and write are different. That’s why our expert transcribers are professionally trained. They are adept at navigating complex audio and creating precise written logs of your recordings.

Certified translations

If you need a certified translation, we’re happy to help. Certified translations need to be flawless and professional. We specialize in a number of industries and can work to the necessary legal standards.

What Our Clients Say

Torjoman provides excellence and quality translation products with sound relationship management from task start to final delivery.

Khader Dawas

Regional Procurement Agent at Boeing

We regularly have translation work that needs to be done urgently and Torjoman team are always on hand and prompt in responding to our requests. Our timelines were sometimes tight, but Torjoman was always successful in meeting our needs. We are happy with Torjoman services, and thank you for your assistance.

Furat Jabr

Sustainability Advisor at Sustainability Excellence

Throughout our work with Torjoman, we have been very satisfied with the high professionalism of Torjoman employees and the excellent services (translation and customer services) they provided us.

Ward S.

Research Assistant at Sharjah Institute for Medical Research

I worked with Torjoman in many translation projects, and I'm really very satisfied with their translation service,
indeed they provide the best quality with a good price.

Mohammed Al-Mosa

Brand Manager

Our happy clients

6 Reasons to Work with Torjoman

We’re no ordinary translation company. Find out how we’ve perfected
our services over the last 25+ years.

Fast Turnaround

As a leading translation company, we can easily manage high quantities of work with tight deadlines. No matter what your project needs, we’ll work to your timescales.

Quality Translation

We’re ISO 17100 certified. This means we follow best practices and adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. Our processes ensure accurate translations, every time.

Budget Friendly

We understand that budget matters. Let us know what you need and we’ll work to choose or create a translation package that works perfectly for you. We’re flexible.

Qualified Translators

Translation companies are only as good as their translation team. We work with over 2000 certified, expert translators. They speak over 120 languages and are experts in over 40 industries. We only hire the best.

Translation Tools

We use the latest technology to optimize your translations. This includes translation memories, terminology banks and more! Modern tools help us to keep our work consistent, accurate and precise.

Complete Solution

We don’t only translate, we offer complete solutions for your project, whatever the size. Whether you need localization, DTP, interpretation, proofreading, or subtitling services, we’re the translation company for you.

Why Download Torjoman App?

Easy Ordering

Select a language, upload your documents & place an order with a few taps.

Project Management

See delivery times and monitor the progress of your translation project.


There are multiple ways to pay and easy access to new and old projects.


Get 24/7 support by email, phone or instant message.

Translations for companies of any size

Translations for Individuals

Because we work on projects of any size, we have the resources and expert knowledge to create exceptional translations on most subjects, in over 120 languages. Our attention to detail makes us unique and we can create bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Translations for SMEs

Translations can open the gate to international markets for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s important to know everything you can about your target audience’s culture, language and consumer habits. That’s where we come in. Our translations will help you resonate with your audience.

Translations for Big Projects

Ready to scale up? We love working on big projects for big companies. Our team of project managers will be with you every step of the way. As a leading translation company, we design our services for the digital age. We can work with any file format to customize your content and quickly push it into new markets.

Get your translations started

Our achievements as a leading translation company

Torjoman offers translation, localization and interpretation in over 120 languages. We work with popular languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, French, German, and Japanese, as well as lesser-spoken dialects. We have over 25 years’ experience and have translated over 54 million words. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work and enjoy working with top companies from around the world. Want to find out more? Simply send us a message!

Industry Expertise

We translate content for these industries and more.

Common Industries

Our translators have industry-specific specialisms. The list below shows our most common industry partners,
but we also work in other sectors, including Oil & Gas.

Technical Translation

Technical translations need specialist knowledge. It’s vital to pick a professional translation company like Torjoman, who has the skills to handle key terminology and the linguistic knowledge to create the best translations possible.

Medical Translation

Medical sector translations require an in-depth understanding of the field. With over 25 years’ experience, we can help with translation and interpreting for everything from patient records and research papers to patent documents and product labels.


If you’re creating a product, you need to stand out from the crowd but also meet regulations. The manufacturing industry produces a large amount of paperwork that needs care and attention. When you’re working internationally, you can rely on Torjoman.

Marketing Translation

Your brand should resonate with your customers. But, what works for an audience in one country, may not work for another. That’s why we offer complete marketing localizations, to help your message get through to your international customers in the right way.

Legal Translation

Torjoman’s legal translators are experts in their field. Not only are they linguists, they are also specialists in legal systems and procedures. They handle complex documents and create clear, accurate translations for official or unofficial use, as needed.

Financial Translation

There is no room for error in finance, which is why your documents need to be accurate in all languages. Whether you need translations of audit reports, asset records, investment plans, or more, Torjoman’s team is here to help you gain international success.

Education Translation

The global e-learning market is soon predicted to be worth $243 billion. As a top education translation company, we can help you connect with learners, teachers and education professionals around the world. We can tailor our services for your project.

Travel & Tourism

Translating travel and tourism content helps boost visitors and increases visibility. Our translation team is skilled at translating engaging information for visitors from around the world. Just let us know whether you need online, offline or desktop publishing services.

E-commerce Translation

65% of consumers prefer online content in their own languages. Reaching your customers in their own language is vital for boosting sales and increasing customer engagement. Torjoman works with the latest technologies to create the highest quality e-commerce translations.

Our Achievements

We pride ourselves for our quality work and for being one of the top translation leaders in

the global industry with 26 years of solid experience.

54 Million


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We translate for all kinds of projects

Whatever form your project takes, we ensure fast turnaround times.

Document Translation

We can work with almost any file type. If you need your document back in a specific format or layout, just let us know. We’re here to help.

Website Translation

Break into international markets and boost website sales with our translation services. We also offer live translation integration and can work on multiple languages at the same time.

Kirozanny Women's Round Neck Short Sleeve Drawstring Side Slim F

User retention relies on positive experiences. Speaking to your users in their own languages creates unique and engaging interactions. Translate your app to resonate with your audience.

Software Localization

Our specialist translation team works with technical experts for fully functional, beautifully translated software. We translate, localize, engineer solutions, fix bugs, and perform QA tests. Let’s work together on your project.

Game Localization

Don’t let language barriers break an immersive gaming experience. We work in over 120 languages and translate and localize to perfection, taking your audience’s languages and cultures into account.

Phone interpreter

Remote interpreting is a convenient, cost-effective and flexible way to talk to someone in their language. You can get in touch with an interpreter whenever you need with our 24/7 seamless services.

About our customer support team

For a free quote, simply visit our online form or download the app. Once you’ve created an account with us, you can benefit from our simple online portal, which makes managing your project quick and easy.

If you need to talk to us, we’re here. We’re available digitally via live chat, phone, or email, and in person at one of our local offices near you.

Reach out to one of our offices

New York

1140 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10036, New York

(917) 444-1317


150 King St. West, Suite #200 Toronto, ON M5H 1J9, Canada



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Dubai Internet City, Building 2, Office 105, Dubai, Ameritex Waterproof Dog Bed Cover Pet Blanket for Furniture Bed


Abu Dhabi

Dar Al-Salam Building, Office # 713, Al Corniche Street, Abu Dhabi, PONY DANCE Window Curtains White - Rod Pocket Window Treatments



Grenada Business Park, Tower A4, 12th floor, East Ring Road, Riyadh 11635, Saudi Arabia


Frequently asked questions

How do you work on translations?

1. Request

When we receive translation requests via our online portal or app, we assess the language pairs, project size, services, technical specifications and deadlines.

2. Quotation

You’ll receive your free quotation shortly after you send your request.

3. Translation

We assign the best, native translators to your project. They use the latest technologies and techniques to provide the highest-quality translations.

4. Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are crucial steps in our quality assurance process. We check that our work is error-free and ready for you. To find out more please visit our proofreading page.

5. Applying changes and quality assurance

You get the chance to review our work and suggest changes. We then adapt the translation and undertake extra quality assurance checks.

6. Project delivery

You receive your accurate and precise translation.

What makes Torjoman an expert translation company?

We’ve been translating for over 25 years and speak over 120 languages and dialects. Our translators, interpreters and localizers are native speakers and industry specialists, meaning they can easily navigate your field of work. Torjoman works to ISO 17100 standards.

Can I choose more than one service?

Yes! We love working on multi-faceted projects. That’s why we offer bespoke services and find creative solutions for your needs. We are adept at combining translation, localization, voice-overs, subtitling, and more.

How quickly can you translate my document?

Because each project is unique, we assess each translation individually. The best way to get an idea of timing is to ask for a free quote. If you have a tight deadline, let us know and we’ll take this into account.

Who will be my point of contact?

We assign dedicated project managers to each of our projects. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your project’s needs are met. Your project manager will be your point of contact throughout the translation process.

Which file formats can you translate?

We can work with almost any file format. Our team is made up of linguists, project managers and IT engineers, which means we are adept at working on technically-demanding projects. If you have a multimedia project, we can handle several different file types at once.

Do I need translation or localization?

Translation involves changing text from one language to another. It is the right choice for texts where precision is key, such as medical, legal, or scientific documents.

Localization transforms content for audiences in different cultures. Localization experts make changes to text, visuals, and formatting to help make sure your content is appropriate for audiences in specific locales. It’s the perfect choice if you want your content to truly resonate with an audience.

How can I contact Torjoman?

There are several ways to get in touch. To contact us with a query, please use our contact form, live chat, or phone number. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For a free quote, simply visit our online form or download the app. Once you’ve created an account with us, you can benefit from our simple online portal, which makes managing your project quick and easy.

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